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Computerized Access Control System

The idea of computerized access control unit was found to achieve two main targets for all clients:

1- Easy and centralized management via the existing network infrastructure

2- System availability & safety in case of emergencies


With our computerized solution, clients will have the convenience to manage all their access doors from a single location whether it is located on LAN or WAN, all reports, configurations and information are stored in a centralized database which is backed up frequently via our automatic backup software.

The system is scalable and can manage starting from 128 doors to 1000s with a user friendly access management software.

The main software components of the computerized access control system are:


- Access Management Application

- Visitor management module

- Elevator control module

- Time & attendance module

- Integration or exporter module

- Parking management module

- Video surveillance module

& many more useful utilities and applications that can be used for different applications


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You are here: Home Solutions Access Control Computerized