Euro Technologies is one of the leading security solutions providers in the state of Qatar, initiated since 2003 by some of the most experienced and talented minds in our field.
We offer fully reliable supply, installation and integration of turnkey security solutions for every range of market.
Euro Technologies focuses on providing its clients with the safest and most secured solutions to help safeguard and grow their business, assets, facilities, offices and work flow as well.
Our experience and success in the accomplished and ongoing projects have not only satisfied and met our clients’ expectations but were also able to attract clients with the high level of design and implementation.
Euro Technologies has succeeded in making its way through the growing market of security systems integrations from a small scale of solution provider to one of the most trusted and leading references in the state of Qatar, the fact that has drew the attention and interest of the biggest vendors in the field to cooperate and create golden partnership with us for our overwhelming performance in high level projects.



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Ibhar Enterprises Building, First Floor , Office, no.7 - Doha - Qatar


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